Tchota the Alternative Mining Indaba in Angola is pleased to welcome the children of the SADC Region to this year’s SADC People’s Summit to be held from the 16th -18th of August at the ENAPP in Luanda under the inspiring theme Justice – Meaningful Participation – Inclusion. That is, to place justice at the core of development and the transition to green economies of the future, to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills for movements in the Region to meaningfully participate in SADC Regional development processes, as well as to amplify popular demands for the inclusion of people’s representatives, issues of concern, and alternatives in SADC decision making processes. Hopefully, Luanda will provide the right atmosphere to inspire visionary, people focused, compassionate and radical solutions to address the pressing issues in our region today. 

Activists, human rights defenders, Civil Society, Church, and Labour leaders from all around Angola anticipate the opportunity to learn and interact with comrades, brothers, and sisters from around the Region. We also look forward to sharing our unique Angolan hospitality and culture.

In this update we have outlined some important issues to guide those coming to Luanda and those attending virtually. Even though the language barrier will be a challenge, we have done our best to find English and French speaking Volunteers to help you all find your way.

Meet you in Luanda,

Nelson Joao,

Convenor, Angola Local Organising Committee

SADC People’s Summit Programme Outline

Wednesday 16 AugustThursday 17 AugustFriday 18 August
Official Opening Summit Keynote SpeechThematic Side EventsLaunch EventsCountry reports Thematic clusterrepresentationsSummit Main PlenaryDiscussion and adoption of Summit DeclarationSolidarity march or Handover of SADC Peoples Summit DeclarationThematic Side EventsRegional Youth DebatesSummit Closing plenarySolidarity MessagesSummit Media EventSummit Cultural Event
14 – 20 August, Virtual Week of Learning and Action


The 2023 SADC People’s Summit will be held at Escola Nacional de Administração e Políticas Públicas (ENAPP), Luanda at the following address:  

ENAPP – E.P., 458M+MJW, Luanda, Angola    


Angola is a Portuguese speaking nation and communication might be a challenge to many of the southern African countries travelling for the summit. To make your airport transfers easy kindly share your   itinerary with the SAPSN secretariat so that arrangements can be made for someone to receive you and assist with your transfer to the hotel.  For in country shuttle services from respective hotels to the venue kindly download the Allo Taxi App from your Play Store/ Apple Apps Store.


A consolidated list of hotels that are near ENAPP can be found here

Delegates travelling for the summit are advised to make use of the list to make their own bookings.  Please do take time to visit the website/ social media page of your hotel choice to ensure you have secured the right accommodation to cater for your needs.  The list can be accessed on: 

Kindly note that the actual hotel prices are in Angolan Kwanza. However, estimated USD prices based on internet rates have also been shared for budgeting and planning processes.


Each participant will be responsible for payment for any personal expenses including hotel accommodation, meals (excluding teas and lunch on the meeting days), beverages, snacks, telephone, medication, laundry, and room service. 


Angola has a tropical climate with the weather in August expected to be generally sunny. The average maximum daytime temperature in Luanda for August lies at 25.5°C. The average minimum temperature goes down to around 17.8°C during the night. It is not known to rain in Luanda during this time of the year. Delegates be guided accordingly when packing for the trip.


Summit delegates can easily purchase sim cards upon arrival at the airport. Please take time to purchase your sim card before leaving the airport. 


For logistical and administrative  support do not hesitate to contact the following:

SAPSN – Ellen Chipunza

Contact Email:                                                                               

Cell: +263 772772320

TCHOTA Jose Filipe De Fatima 

Contact Email:

Cell: +244 926386459

For programming and Side Events support, you can contact 

SAPSN – Fambai Ngirande

Contact Email:                                                                                

Cell: +263 780543009

TCHOTA Nelson Joao 

Contact Email:
Cell: + 244 928560391