This Declaration summarises the shared consensus, critical demands and commitments on issues of our concern as deliberated during the 2020 edition of the SADC Peoples’ Summit, – an annual regional gathering of articulated social movements and progressive groups in the Southern African Region, held on virtual platforms from the 18th – 21st of August 2020, under the theme SADC @40: Towards a People Centred Post Covid Recovery Plan.

  1. SADC People’ Summit, a people’s platform for Regional Solidarity and collective action
  2. Poverty and inequality, neoliberalism, militarism and climate change are fuelling human suffering and instability in our region. 
  3. We observe a Region under-prepared to address the impacts of Covid 19.
  4. We are mindful that Covid-19 is not the only major crisis affecting the Region today 
  5. We acknowledge the 40th anniversary of SADC. 
  6. We stand in Solidarity with the people of Mozambique. 
  7. We demand gender just responses to Covid-19. 
  8. Too many of our compatriots are hungry and food insecure. 
  9. We urge SADC leaders to secure the future for the young people of Southern Africa. 
  10. We challenge the Region to do more to address the disproportionate impacts of the Covid 19 on persons with disabilities 
  11. We stand against the rampant environmental destruction, land grabbing, internal displacements, human rights abuses, anti-unionism, corporate thuggery, illicit financial flows and climate injustice in the extractive sector. 
  12. Too many of the Region’s citizens do not have access to adequate water to mitigate against Covid-19 
  13. We demand urgent efforts to stem-out and resolve the growing Regional debt crisis
  14. We stand against the privatisation of education and health delivery services in Southern Africa 
  15. We support ongoing efforts towards a UN Binding Treaty to regulate in international human rights law, the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises. 
  16. We stand in solidarity with Cross-border Traders in Southern Africa. We demand an end to the war on the informal economy. 
  17. We stand in solidarity with prisoners of conscience and victims of human rights abuses in our Region.
  18. We stand in solidarity with the people of the Kingdom of Eswatini against the despotic rule of King Mswati the last absolute monarchy in the Region. 
  19. We stand in solidarity with the people of Lesotho.
  20. We stand in solidarity with the people of Malawi.
  21. We stand together with the people of Mauritius 
  22. We stand in solidarity with Civil Society in Namibia in commending the government of Namibia.
  23. We stand in solidarity with the people of United Republic of Tanzania.
  24. We stand in solidarity with the people of Zambia in their efforts to facilitate the inclusive participation of citizens.
  25. We stand in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe 

Download the Full Declaration here